Orchard Towers Singapore

Orchard Towers is a somewhat infamous entertainment mall located on Orchard Road in Singapore.

It is actually an 18 storey office building although the first five floors are occupied by the bars and restaurants etc.

During the day the building functions as a retail and office style building, but it is is best known as an entertainment complex famously described as the “Four Floors of Whores”. However there is far more to it than just bars and girls!

For example, on the third floor you can eat at a Thai kitchen that produces probably the best Thai food in the country or visit one of the many tattoo parlours or have a suit made at a tailors or shop in the many boutiques”.

It is true that most visitors are here for the bars but you will also see groups of local Singaporeans, often females in groups, just out to have some fun.

Singapore has several legal red light districts and although Orchard Towers is probably the best known it is actually not listed as an official one as per the others.

During the day, Orchard Towers is like any other mall on the mile long road of this high end shopping street although this changes dramatically at night.